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Deactivate the advertisement on your games

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GameSpector is a very useful tool that will allow us to add tricks to our videogames, investigate the content of the files, or deactivate the advertisements that usually appear on free applications.

To be able to use GameSpector its necessary to have the terminal rooted, as it won´t work in any other case. For more details to know how to make this process you should consult other forums or websites where there are more detailed step by step explanations.

GameSpector offers a huge amount of services for those who know how to use them or want to learn to do it. The above mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg that includes hexadecimal editors and SQL, or a URL editor to modify the destination of the advertisements of some applications.

GameSpector is a complete and complex tool to be able to get rid of the adds in our applications.
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 Could not load patches: server error

Whenever i open game spector it says "could not load patches: server error" but i am actually connected to wifi. . . What's the problem ?

By sib 3 weeks ago

Questions about GameSpector


 Could not load server patches

whenever i start game spectator it checks for patches but always after some time it appears 'could not load server patches:Network error". But i'm connected to wifi

By vwbilawar 1 month ago · Answers (1)

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